Class offerings around the country!

Kenneth isn’t doing any events during this time of covid. Everyone, please, stay safe, and WEAR YOUR MASKS so we all can see each other when this is over!




No dates for 2021–yet! Mini sit-and-sew, buddy edition,  with Kenneth!


sit-and-sew-web This is Sharon and Faith, at a Sit and Sew in the summer of 2016.

I’ve heard from people that they’d like to study in my studio here in New York, so I’ve decided to offer sessions monthly from March to October, limited to two people per session. You have the choice between a 2-day, or 3-day session.

So this is the chance to pair up with your sewing buddy (or meet someone new!) and work with me in my studio!  Email me if you are interested in attending. If these dates don’t work, and you have a buddy, we can arrange for alternative weekends! Again, email me to ask!
Here’s a review of the Buddy Sit and Sew from my friend Peter Lappin, of the blog “Male Pattern Boldness”check it out here!


If you’re interested in joining me, or if you’d like to schedule one for dates not listed here, please email me for more information at: 



Kenneth and Susan Khalje will look at setting dates, in 2021. In the meantime, you all stay safe!

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 If you’re interested, either go to, or this link him for details!


Kenneth is offering private lessons in his New York studio-mask wearing mandatory.

Kenneth offers private lessons on the sewing or pattern drafting subject of your choice, by appointment. If you’re interested, email him for details!