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The Nervous Nellie Guide to Sewing Chiffon!




Three classes, Tuesdays July 26, August 2 and August 9, 7:00-8:30 PM Eastern Standard time.


This is a zoom class, recorded so the students can refer to it later!


I recently made a mother-of-the-groom outfit that required me to sew with chiffon.  As chiffon strikes terror in my heart, I needed to devise some techniques that would make it a little easier for me to sew.


In this class, we start with a pattern, included with the price of the class. This is the jacket pattern I drafted for the mother-of-the-groom outfit--it is three easy pieces, no darts, open down the front, with a bracelet-length sleeve. It is graded from size 4 to 20.


After a discussion of materials and tools, we dive in. I will show you how I prepare the pattern, and lay out and cut the fabric. From here, I you will learn my way to sew a neat French seam on the shoulders, how to sew a sleeve with a French seam, and how to make a narrow, neat roll hem to finish the edges of the sleeves and body.


When you're done, you will have a little easy-wearing jacket! And, I hope, you will be a little less intimidated by chiffon (as I am now)! 


Price: $135.00 with the pattern included. To sign up, just send your payment to me through Paypal, to my email address:





Join Susan and Kenneth in August for a Sit and Sew in Baltimore!

Whatever your skill level, whatever you wish to work on, this is the Dream Team that will help you realize your vision. Susan and Kenneth have between them a vast array of knowledge in all aspects of fine sewing.  


If interested, go to to sign up.

Hope to see you there!



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