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This page provides King a format to showcase projects that he creates, which don’t fit neatly into the other categories of his work. The photos are rough, and are really meant to convey the ideas he’s working on. The format is somewhat like a blog, where the most recent work is posted higher up, with the earlier work further down. Be sure to scroll down the page, so you don’t miss anything!

The new John Lewis and Partners holiday 2018 video features Elton John, and at 0:30 is Kenneth’s hat!
This is an interview Kenneth did with the American Sewing Guild for their 2019 convention!
This is a video project I worked on with Lasell College in Massachusetts. The project is called The Lasell Catalogue of Artistry in Fashion. You can access the entire site by clicking this link. Enjoy!
A little video we did while filming for the dress class for BurdaStyle Academy!
Additional videos of King's creations worn by Elton John
King on the news
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